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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
while the other set took their two; and so alternately. Except Lady Ancram, no married woman danced; so, you see, in England, we do not foot it till five-and-fifty. The beauties were the Duke of Eichmond's two daughters l, and their mother2, still handsomer than they: the Duke sat by his wife all night, kissing her hand: how this must sound in the ears of Florentine cicisbe's, cock or hen ! Then there was Lady Euston, Lady Caroline Fitzroy8, Lady Lucy Manners4, Lady Camilla Bennet, and Lady Sophia5, handsomer than all, but a little out of humour at the scarcity of minuets; however, as usual, she danced more than anybody, and, as usual too, took out what men she liked or thought the best dancers. Mem. Lord Holderness is a little what Lord Lincoln will be to-morrow; for he is expected. There was Churchill's0 daughter7, who is prettyish, and dances well; and the Parsons8 family from Paris, who are admired too ; but indeed it is a force des muscles. Two other pretty women were Mrs. Colebroke (did you know the he-Colebroke in Italy?) and a Lady Schaub, a foreigner, who, as Sir Lukea says, would have him: as the town says, Lord Chomley will have her. Sir E. was afraid of the heat, and did not go. The supper was served at twelve; a large table of hot for
LETTER 48.—l Lady Caroline and Lady Emily Lenox, since married to H. Fox and the Earl of Kildare. Walpole.
2  Lady Sarah. Cadogan (d. 1761), eldest daughter and co-heir of first Earl Cadogan;   m.  (1719),   Charles Lennox, second Duke of Richmond.
3  Eldest   daughter   to    Charles, Duke of Graffcon, since married to Lord Petersham.    Walpole.
4  Sister to John, Duke of Rutland, since married to the Duke of Mon-trose.    Walpole.
5  Lady Sophia Fermor.    Walpole.
6  Lieutenant - General      Charles Churchill, natural son  of  Charles Churchill (younger brother of the
Duke of Marlborough); Colonel of Dragoons; Governor of Plymouth; Groom of the Bedchamber; Deputy Ranger of St. James's Park; M.P. for Castle Rising, 1715-45; d. 1745.
7 Harriet, natural daughter of General Churchill;  afterwards married to Sir Everard Eawkener. Walpole.— M. (2) Governor Thomas Pownall.
8  The son and daughters of Alderman   Parsons,   a   Jacobite brewer, who lived much in Irance, and had, somehow or other, been taken notice of by the King.    Walpole.
9  Sir  Luke   Schaub (d.  1758), a native  of Basle, formerly  private secretary to Lord Stanhope, Envoy to Madrid, and Minister in Paris.